Its the end of Justins trial demo of Unity and we have made the decision to get him a full indie license. I’d say our overall impression of Unity is its easy to get something happening quickly and if you you are willing to invest some time, you can make some good commercial games with it. As Justin said to me – “its got legs”.

The best way for us to get more proficient at Unity is to commit to making a simple game with it. We have elected to do a small project, a delivery game, where the player controls courier van picking up and dropping of cargo, in 3rd person camera view. It might not seem as inspiring as Grand Theft Auto, but we have to start small. So many times I seen on game making forums, people posting about how they are going to make the next WOW. Their first project and its gonna be a WOW killer! Not surprisingly, they never do. I just wonder if Justin and I are thinking small enough!

I am an artist and I want to be modelling, texturing and animating yesterday, but first things first – we need to write a game design document. This is where we’ll explain the game play supported by diagrams and have a list of assets (code and art ) required to make it all happen. Also there is no point designing the whole game right now. We need to design the core repeatable game mechanics, make sure they are fun, before we go full steam ahead. This is the pre-development stage of our game where will make a test level with all of the key game mechanics functioning.

We’ll post our design document when we have finished a presentable draft.