scriptingJust did the “Introduction to Scripting with Unity”.┬áJustin, who’ll be doing the brunt of the scripting, has already done it, but I thought that an artist who wants to work with Unity should to do it as well. It really helped me understand how Unity works.

If I was to explain it to another artist broadly how Unity works, you import your game art into the program and attach scripts to the art to make it do what you want. Literally drag the icon of the scripts you need onto the object. Of course you need to write the scripts, but the tutorial takes you through some of the core scripts that really are the building blocks of games.

I hate scripting, but I found this tutorial easy to follow. You just cut and paste the examples into Unity. It really helped me understand how Unity works. I think I may even have a go at script or two myself. I am more likely to take existing scripts and modify them. You can find loads of them here at the Unify Community