I have just realised that we have not posted anything in the last two weeks. It is time to remedy that. We may not have posted but we have not been sitting idle. In line with our philosophy we are getting things done in the background.

We are working on our first game. It is perhaps not the game either of us would choose do, nor have we done any research to find out if there is a niche for it. It is an experiment.

One thing I have been doing is reading the experiences of other independent developers out there. There are many development blogs for people working on iPhone games and using Unity.

I am subscribing to new blogs everyday, but three that stand out for me at the moment are:

Tiny Tim Games – Jerrod Putman and Shannon Kay are a husband and wife team the produced Sheep Stacker with Unity and are working on their second game.

GTProductions – Alex Schwartz is putting finishing touches on his first game, Spring Fling, also with Unity.

Retro Dreamer – Craig Sharpe and Gavin Bowman are and artist/programmer team (there seem to be a lot of two person teams out there) who produced Sneezies.

I have to mention Kristopher Peterson who is producing a game call Revolt single handed with Unity. His posts are mainly of test renders of him game, but they are oh so pretty

I have started getting more serious about what is happening in the world of iPhone games. I am following a couple of review sites. I am becoming increasingly aware that there are a lot of developers and a lot of games out there. Creating an iPhone game is not a license to print money. It actually takes time and effort to get your creation noticed. That is were the review sites come in. Getting some exposure on one or more of these sites can help lift a game from obscurity.

Two sites I am following at the moment are Touch Arcade and App Gamer. App Gamer recently ran a feature on marketing iPhone apps.

I am sure there are many more blogs and review sites out there, if you know of any interesting ones let me know.